Reverse Fiddlehead Patina Socks

So these socks have been done FOREVER. Like really, take a look at my ravelry project page and you will see that I started them on January 17 and finished them on Feburary 11. This business wasn't launched and when I cast them on they were my very first skein I dyed. And this blog post was started and left aside for the past two months two. So now, early June I am finally getting around to talking about these socks, from four months ago.

I'm unsure why I haven't been jumping out of my skin to blog them, seeing as I love them, and they will be forever have a special spot in my heart as they are my very first project with my own yarn. Four months later, they are still special and beautiful. They are still as vibrant and the stitch definition isn't felted. Even in these photos the socks had already been warn and machine washed and dried for two months, but they are holding strong. So here they are my very first socks which somehow feel like my first child.

The pattern is Patina Socks by Tanis Lavalee of Tanis Fiber Arts. They are knit in Kilcoursie Fingering in Foley Fiddlehead.