Only sort of a sick joke - Colourway Revived

I know, I know ... this is pretty sick. I am bringing back Spring Buds from the spring collection into the permanent collection on the coldest day of summer. I have a tea latte brewing with pumpkin chai tea and I am releasing a spring green colourway? But honestly, I kept forgetting to do this and well, we are in the slow downshift of the season, with school looming and labour day fast approaching that if I didn't do it today well, when would any bit of a more appropriate day come along.

So it happened, summer came, spring colours were discontinued and I just couldn't live without this colour. I had plans for it and it seemed unfair that I was planning to knit or design with it and it wasn't available for purchase. So as the big kahoona around here at Georgian Bay Fibre Co. I made the unilateral decision (I consulted with the full staff first, Tosh was definitely on board) to bring this colourway back to the permanent collection. So enjoy and hopefully this bright and cheerful colour will be a reminder that regardless of the cold weather today and labour day looming, it is still 5 weeks until the beginning of fall.

Meaford Spring Buds

After the grey of winter, when spring finally arrives it is punctuated by bright spring yellow-green as trees come back to life after their winter's nap.

Nicknamed, "the other Big Apple," Meaford is home to some of the finest apple orchards in Ontario, located on the south shore of Georgian Bay. While this community produces a vast range of produce, apples are the local celebrity, from fresh produce to locally made pies. In the spring, as the apple trees are getting ready to bloom, the whole region is awash in the bright, fresh greens as the trees ready themselves for another growing season.

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