La Mer Douce ... Sweetwater Sea

It only seems appropriate that I end the series of releases, after a full week, with the colour that is the bay itself. Each of the other colourways have featured a certain feature of the bay, the disturbed water, the aquatic life at the shoals, the clouds and water from the vistas of the northern mountains. This colourway is nothing more or less than the bay itself, La Mer Douce - Sweetwater Sea.

The gradient of blues in the collection is now complete and perfect for the time being. I suppose its time for me to face facts, and get on with fall that is showing signs on trees around every corner. But August is still here for one more week, don't forget to enjoy it!

Sweetwater Sea

Somewhere between cobalt and cerulean, this shade is a true blue.

It was in the 17th century, French explorers first encountered “La Mer Douce” or the Sweetwater Sea. While today we may call it Georgian Bay, a name it was officially given in 1822, its moniker remains apt. With clear blue water, windswept shoreline and constellations of unnamed islands and shoals, it has inspired many artists over the years, including Carla. A true blue, Sweetwater Sea is as deep and blue as the Bay itself.