How are you finding winter?

So how are you surviving winter wherever you are? I have to confess that I am having a bit of trouble with it here in the Village. This is the first winter that we have lived here (and will be the only one) but I am finding it really challenging. It is a beautiful and bustling Village all summer and with the highways the 40 km drive to anywhere isn't really bothersome. But come winter, with the snow dumping we are getting and the sleepy town I am finding that my late 20's self is finding myself going stir crazy. With the last weeks weather pattern, getting out wasn't much of an option either. 

There are lots of benefits of being self employed at home and most of the time, this is the biggest job perk, but right now I would give quite a bit to have to go to the office every morning and simply just get out. It can be extra tricky because my husband works night shifts only 3-4 nights a week at the hospital so leaves right after dinner, comes home in the morning, and sleeps during the day, not one to keep me too much company. The family joke is that the dog is not much of a conversationalist and if she becomes one, we really need to worry. 

But all that said, winter has just begun and I need to find some strategies to keep me content through the next three or so months around here. I came across a post from The Kitchn called 10 Food Tips To Keep You Happy During Winter and found it quite inspirational. I get the sense that this blogger is suffering from some of the same winter doldrums that I happen to be as well and anything to shake me out of my funk would be great. I plan on implementing most of these, as well as coming up with some of my own.

Today Jim is off of shifts for a few days and we decided to indulge in a weekend style breakfast on this Monday morning. I must confess, it is helping with my winter gloom for now.

Do you have any winter specific tips or rituals that keep you from getting a little to snowed in?