A Change in the Lineup

So little did you know, the one of a kind portion of the sale last week was a test, and you all failed. No, I am just teasing you a bit but seriously, it gave me some really important information that I needed to confirm a move that I have been struggling with for a while.

As it stands, I am not happy with the superwash portion of my line. I love the Hennessy, it is beautiful, natural, soft and wonderful. But the Kilcoursie (excluding the fingering weight) and Pengallie just isn’t working for me. So I set you up, I loaded the sale with a bunch of those yarns that I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about in sweater quantities and watched how they moved. The answer to that is, they just didn’t and I don’t blame you. It isn’t sweater yarn, its sock yarn!

When I made the move to incorporate the Kilcoursie DK, Aran, and Pengallie Fingering, I did so to give you some additional options regarding socks in different weights and wearing nature. I had grand aspirations of different weight and more durable sock knitting taking the world by storm, but again, the performance has just been simply underwhelming. The only push on these yarns was my Winter Doldrums sweater kit and again, it just told me that people want a superwash yarn in certain cases for their sweaters, but it certainly doesn’t mean they want it blended with nylon.

So this has been a long drawn out way to tell you I am discontinuing Kilcoursie DK, Kilcoursie Aran, Pengallie Fingering, and Pengallie Combed Top.

But please do not dismay, they will be replaced and I still have lots. I will be releasing a full new line of superwash yarns on Tuesday, May 12th.

So as you can see, the site has now been updated to account for my varying inventory of these yarns and to offer the option to shop by base, in addition to colourway. To find these to be discontinued yarns, head to the “Shop by Base” section. Everything else (all Hennessy and Kilcoursie Fingering), you can shop for them by Base or by Colourway.

Sometimes in life you have to examine a choice and decide that you made it for the right reason but it isn’t the best for the future. And my beautiful untreated BFL yarns and spinning fibres, absolutely here to stay.