Summer Photo Contest

I have had this little nugget of an idea rolling around in my head for quite a while and been letting it mull away into a fully fledged plan! We are going to have a summer photo contest on instagram!

So many of our colourways are inspired by the sights around the bay, especially in the summer months when people flock from the cities to enjoy the relaxing life! We want to see pictures of your yarn or your finished object at the place it was inspired by. Show me your Bala Cranberry socks as you tour the Cranberry Marsh. Or perhaps your Wasaga Surf WIP while you soak up some sun on Wasaga Beach. You get the idea. Now to the details.

  1. This contest will start on Tuesday, June 23rd and end on Monday, September 7th (labour day).
  2. Your photos must be of Georgian Bay Fibre Co. yarn or spinning fibre at the location they were inspired by.
  3. All photos must be entered by posting on Instagram using hashtags #gbfibreco #knittingbythebay.
  4. You must geotag your photos with the location that you are taking them.
  5. By entering you are giving us your authorization to use and share these photos on various forms of the internet, website, and social media.

How are we going to pick a winner? Simple! We will pick our top ten favourite photos and then let you vote from there! We will post polls online and in person at KW Knitters Fair and then announce our top 3 winners.

The prizes? To be determined precisely, but it they will be yarn and be awesome!

Here's the photo that inspired it all! Thanks to Mandy for her picture of Macfie Maple skeins at the Macfie Farm during sugar season this spring!