Fly Away ... but not quite yet!

Things have been quiet around here this week, and for good reason. But before we get to that lets talk about the point of this post ... the fact that my fly away blankie is done and ready for our little arrival. And I must say, its a beauty!

After my WIP Wednesday post a couple weeks ago, I definitely got the bug and started pushing to get this project done, I wanted it finished and washed and ready to go. But mostly, I just wanted to see it in all its glory. Of course, the really nice FO shots are yet to come, because as of now, there is no sweet baby to be wrapped up in it, but until then, these should hold you over.

Last I mentioned the project, I was torn about whether to create one more blue, or head straight into lime green, and following your advice I went for the pop of colour, and I am glad I did! The vibrancy in the last block and the edging is fun and whimsical and perfect for a little guy!

The colour order was as follows: Big Sound Squall, French River Blueberry, Sweetwater Sea, Tobermory Shoreline, Wasaga Surf, and Meaford Spring Buds. I used Natural BFL for the white in between.

Here is the thing, Shoreline and Squall are on my don't use with white list. Did I break my own rules doing this? Yup. Did I get nailed for it? The honest answer, a little bit. As you can tell from the photos, there is no major dye release or bleeding, I wasn't expecting that. But a little of the turquoise from the Tobermory Shoreline got into the water and let the most tiny subtle haze over the natural, ultimately, all it did was neutralize the creaminess of the BFL. If you had chosen to use Sled Dog or Winter Sky instead of Natural, there would have been not issues at all. And the be frank, I never expected the white to stay nice for all that long anyway, I am sure grimy fingers will take care of that quickly.


I did modify this project a bit. Originally it was designed for DK weight yarn. Instead, I swapped out aran and a larger needle size to get a similar result with a larger size and slightly heavier weight, without any extra knitting! I already have some smaller blanket projects on the go and wanted something bigger that will last him well into his childhood. For notes and my project yardages,

We still have some time left before our guy shows up, my due date isn't until August 24th. But we have been warned by our doctors that someone is acting like he might like to show up a bit sooner. All is good and fine with both of our health, but this definitely means our summer plans are shifting a bit, but we will be back with more of that next week!