November 2016 - Waubuno Gale

Carrington Winter Sky, Waubuno Gale, Grondine Swell & Torrance Midnight.

Shown on Bayfield Fingering (top) and Bayfield Aran (bottom).

There are few things more fearsome than a November storm on the Great Lakes.  The most famous of these would be the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald which sunk in in a gale on Lake Superior in November of 1975, and was immortalized in song by Gordon Lightfoot.  Georgian Bay is littered with the wreckage of ships that didn't survive the treacherous waters of the lakes. One of the best known is the Paddle Steamer Waubuno which went down in a storm on November 18, 1879, just south of Parry Sound, on what is now known as Wreck Island, after having set off from Collingwood with passengers and supplies.