A sad, sad story

I have had a knitting heart break this past weekend. Up to this point, sure I've experienced catching a hand knit sock on something and tearing it, or a velcro item attaching itself to a knitted treasure. But this, this is something entirely devestating.

Before Henry was born I knit him a blanket ... bright tomato red and fun garter and stockinette patterns. He was been wrapped in it every day since he was born almost 6 months ago. I imagined seeing him carrying it with him everywhere until he heads to school in 4 years. I knit it from our retired Kilcoursie Aran for maximum washability and durability. Little did I expect to have it meet a different kind of foe entirely.

This past weekend, we were down in the city visiting my sister and enjoying a weekend away. We got back to her place later on Saturday night and left a few things in the car, including this blanket. On Sunday morning when I went to pack the vehicle up, I opened the passenger door and down insulation flew everywhere into the air. The first indication ... my down vest had been chewed right through and there was feathers everywhere. This vest was in a pile of other coats and the sort, so I quickly began to dig to see what else had been destroyed.

Then I saw it ... Henry's red blanket in the pile and my heart dropped right out of me. I picked it up and my worst thoughts were realized ... a huge mouse chew hole right through it. As I write this my heart aches. Sure, in the grand scheme it could have been worse ... chewing the seat, his brand new car seat, the uppababy stroller with winter bunting in it, financially there were way more expensive items that could have been lost. But this hit was below the belt.

The blanket I spent hours knitting while waiting for my son to arrive, a from yarn that I had dyed in a colour just for him. I dreamt about him while knitting that blanket, felt him wiggle and kick. I imagined who he would be, my beautiful baby boy wrapped in that blanket, my loved and sometimes crusty toddler dragging it with him everywhere. And a bloody mouse chewed a hole clear through it.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I have put it in a bag and am pretending it doesn't exist and it didn't happen at the moment. What are your thoughts? Mend or reknit? And what is your favourite mending technique?

Here is a slideshow of Henry and his blanket, from the knitting process, to him wrapped in it at KW this past fall to him in his stroller with it the very day of the blanket attack.