What is on my needles - WIP Wednesday

In my hopes of rejuvenating the blog and being more in touch, this seemed like some easy low hanging blogging fruit. For the past year, not so much. Between my pregnancy, new baby, and then some mild health issues postpartum until recently, I have had no knitting mojo. I used to be able to crank out a sweater in a week but recently, I didn't even want to pick up the needles at all, except a couple baby sweaters that were knit out of necessity. Even the couple projects I did force myself to knit this past winter were plagued by lack of concentration and silly little errors (can you say gauge?).

Image by Amy Herzog

Image by Amy Herzog

After getting home from Frolic I was feeling totally inspired to get back at it. I found some gorgeous Madelinetosh Pashmina in Birch Grey and I knew a custom fit sweater was the perfect palette cleansing project. These skeins were well within my personal aesthetic (would finish it and would actually wear it) but the lux and refined merino/cashmere/silk blend with the speckle colourway was nothing I would ever dye myself.

I have absolutely just charged through the back of Sunset Drive and started the front last night. Apparently my concentration issues aren't entirely resolved because this very simple lace pattern has thrown me totally off - I just need to frog back a bit and use more stitch markers to stay on track until the pattern is established.

I cannot wait until this sweater is done - knowing it is Custom Fit makes me incredibly excited about getting to wear it (even though those sweet babes do awful things to your waist line). 

Confession - I totally have some Madelinetosh Dandelion and Quince and Co Kestrel ordered and on the way for some awesome summer tanks.

What are your summer knitting plans?