Who else hates seaming?

Last week when I said I was rounding third on my sweater I fully expected to smugly be able to report this week that it was entirely completed and ready for a FO Friday post. But worse than being stuck on Sleeve Island is seaming a sweater. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand the benefits of this construction method for this yarn (a total necessity) and the benefit for Custom Fit to have the sweater designed in pieces. But gosh I sure do hate mattress stitch. At this point (when writing this post) I am halfway through the first side and it is not going quickly at all. Hopefully it will be done before next Wednesday so I can cast on something new!

I have become a project monogamist, it ensures that I actually complete something - not allowing  myself to get distracted by a new cast on and never pushing through the unfun parts of a project.

But, as soon as I get this guy done, I have a Togue Pond ready to go - with my little stash of Quince and Co in Kestrel. I guess I better get at it so I can move onto something new!