A colour for every month!

I have struggled with the concept of how to offer seasonal collections and some sort of club. As both a dyer and a customer I have seen the benefits and disadvantages of how each model works. After some long thinking I have finally come up with what I believe will work best.

So starting in October I will be offering a colour of the month dyed to order etsy update. I will explain the formula of it and then explain precisely how October will happen.

On the last Friday of the previous month I will send an email, publish a blog post, and post on social media a preview of the upcoming colour of the month. You will have time to see it, decide if you like it and plan your projects all weekend long. On the following Monday at 1pm eastern time (aka the first Monday of the month) I will update the etsy shop with a limited number of these skeins in all of our four retail bases for you to purchase. You will have until 9 am the next day to order (assuming they don't sell out). And once these are gone, the colour is gone, I won't be repeating it in the future. These yarns will then be dyed to order and shipped within 1-2 weeks.

So what does this look like for October? Tomorrow (Friday, September 30) I will send out a preview of the colourway and on Monday, October 3rd 1pm eastern time I will publish the etsy update with these available to order, you have until Tuesday, October 3th at 9am to place your order. Then your order will ship by Monday, October 17th at the latest. Make sense? I am certain there will be some quirks to figure out going forward but it is time to get this started.

Stay tuned for our October colourway preview coming tomorrow.