Ten things that made me happy this week!

I am officially back in the swing of things after my long weekend away and its feeling good. I have a TON of knitting to get done before the winter collection is released in early December, hard to believe how quickly things sneak up on you. My hope is this release to have a few pattern together in time ... stay tuned!

  1. Rhinebeck Haul - I was reasonable at Rhinebeck considering my knitting time being committed to designing in my yarn. However, that didn't stop me from picking up a skein of Briar Rose Stella in a gorgeous burgundy colourway, a great new knitting basket, and some Jenny the Potter earrings and stitch markers.
  2. Puppy Love - Literally, the scene that was put on when I got home by my sweet little wiggly Bichon Frise, Tosh, was incredible.
  3. Tech Editor - I am working with a new-to-me tech editor on an exciting upcoming project and I am thrilled with the process.
  4. Shawl Stripes - My skein of caterpillar green yarns shawl stripe skein in Easter Egg arrived yesterday. It is taking all of my control to not drop all my projects and begin knitting now!
  5. This Video Clip - As a dual citizen this scene of care and solidarity is heart warming, and the humour of watching some Americans try to sing Oh Canada is really adorable as well.
  6. The Forecast - Apparently it rained the whole time we were gone, but the forecast this weekend is looking gorgeous!
  7. Double Pintuck Edging - Love the ease and neatness of this less-often used hem technique.
  8. New Boots - My new fall boots that actually comfortably fit over my calves, I have be desperate for a pair for years!
  9. Kingston's Downtown - Both Ontario & New York, they are fabulous and I fully recommend a visit.
  10. Sneaking Christmas Music - Sneaking a Christmas Album into my playlist when home alone, got to get into the spirit, design & marketing works multiple months ahead. Plus guilty pleasure much?