FO: Pumpkin Festival

A couple of weeks ago I was pondering a quick fun knit and decided that a hat was in order. It was a few days before Thanksgiving Weekend and the Pumpkin Festival here in Rosseau and it occurred to me that I didn't have a single item knitted in the colour named for that exact event and better get on something immediately.

I took a dig through my pattern library of patterns that I have bought and never knitted and Melissa Thompson of Sweet Fiber's Greystone caught my attention. I absolutely love Melissa's colour and design sensibility and feel like it falls in line with mine in a lot of cases. This pattern in Hennessy Aran in of course Rosseau Pumpkin seemed the perfect project. Two evenings later the hat was done and washed and blocked and ready to pop on my head. I sported it all through the Thanksgiving weekend and finally got some good photos by the lovely Carolyn Macpherson last weekend. For more details on yarn used etc take a pop by my ravelry project page.

I think this, and my soon to be released design will likely be the extent of my Fall KAL projects, problem of the biz is that you are constantly having to keep moving to the next season ... winter is way too present on my mind.