Ten things that made me happy this week!

  1. Brightly coloured and super warm thrums. Why have I waited this long?
  2. A quick turnaround to Toronto, though not what was planned a trip down none the less.
  3. My new clipboard organizational system. Each project has a clipboard, each clipboard has a peg on the wall. Simple enough right?
  4. Some new Chiaogoo Red Lace Fixed circ needles and an organization case, picked up yesterday in Barrie. I never have enough US 6-8 needles.
  5. Releasing my very first sweater pattern yesterday.
  6. Making some solid progress on my winter pattern collection! December 2nd is really creeping up.
  7. My new pattern template, finally happy with how it looks. Will be working through my previously released patterns next week. Updates will come through ravelry.
  8. My morning espresso machiatto, its an every day thing but I sure love it.
  9. The appearance of some winter like weather scheduled so I can get some photos for winter inspired releases, autumn was way too colourful around here for that.
  10. Carolyn, my customer, friend, designer, and amazing photographer. She makes modelling my knitwear a breeze and is always great to bounce some ideas off of or just chat.

PS: I had to write this one quickly this week as I am on the road, for some pics of my favourite things this week head to my instagram account.