In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

As a child I grew up back and forth across the US and Canada border, primarily living in the US and visiting my family in Canada. I was born in New Jersey to Canadian parents. In general I often comment that I didn't find living on either side as a child and teenager all that different.

As an adult I have begun to notice and appreciate the subtle differences, one major one, is Remembrance Day here in Canada and the poppies that adorn coats for the month. In addition to the typical honour and reflection that goes on every year on November 11th, this year the poppy is making a much stronger stance than any that I can remember, the poppy installation at the Tower of London is just incredibly powerful.

This has got me thinking about poppies this morning and as a fibre artist what I can create in remembrance. Of course, I suffer like all from the typical loss of the Legion poppies with their straight pin, and I thought perhaps instead of taking a plastic one with my annual donation, I could instead make my own that would be beautiful and stay pinned to my coat for the month. To ravelry I headed. 

Clockwise from top left: A Poppy for Remembrance by Laura Chau, Remembrance Poppy to knit by Katy Sparrow, Remembrance Poppy Brooch by Fiona Campbell, Remembrance Poppy by Anke Klempner

I haven't decided which poppy to make this morning, which is your favourite? And don't forget, please consider making an annual donation to the Legion regardless of whether you have your own beautiful handmade poppy or not.