Winter Wonderland

So I don't know where you are and what mother nature is dishing up for you, but we have been getting an early November snow assault like I haven't see before (keeping in mind I have only been up here since Fall of 2009). But it just keeps coming, and the snow squalls are getting a bit out of control, my freshly hung garlands and lights are covered in 3 inches of snow from last night. Its a bit shocking when you look outside, but all it can leave me to think is that it must be great for the Christmas Tree industry, you can't help but feel a bit festive with the fresh powder. 

It seems according to the seven day forecast that is isn't stopping anytime soon!

Living in a business means that I don't get much of an opinion of when its time to change the decor to the season and holidays, my neighbouring businesses tend to set that tone for me. And believe me getting started this past Monday already had me more that a week behind, it seems decorating here in the Village is on steroids.

I thought that this snowy November and particularly white Thursday morning meant I should highlight some snowflake themed knitting patterns, the best in my opinion. Colourwork always leads itself to snowflakes exceptionally well but there are a few wakes to evoke a winter wonderland, here are my four favourites.

Clockwise from top left: Boreal by Kate Davies, Snowfling Mitts by Tanis Lavalee, Snawheid by Kate Davies, Snowflake by tincanknits