Ten things that made me happy this week

  1. The fact that I have a non-shedding hypoallergenic dog. As sweet as she is wow does Sophie ever drop a bunch of fur. My typically black prominent wardrobe is looking a little furrier than usual!
  2. The left-over treats from the photoshoot last weekend, yes there are delicious treat recipes coming soon!
  3. The fact that the winter collection is about to debut ... this has been under my hat and there is a big push for the next few days, I cannot wait for Tuesday to come and I can move onto the next thing.
  4. The adorable impromptu game of tug of war going on under my feet as I write this blog post.
  5. The sun! It has shown its face for a few days now.
  6. The light dusting of snow that arrived last night covered the ugly after our early snowpacalyps and following thaw.
  7. Knowing that cyber monday is right around the corner and that I will get to share all these fun skeins with you all (and get started on refilling it with dye experiments).
  8. Getting to pull a bunch of samples out of seclusion once the designs are released next week ... knitting you can't wear!?!
  9. My very close to finished new vanilla socks in caterpillargreen yarn ... mmm MCN.
  10. The fact that the two dogs are getting along great and that this week should totally be a breeze.