Happiness Is ... New Sock Sunday

Clearly this isn't going to be a new blog feature ... it would be fairly unrealistic to crank out a new pair of socks for every Sunday ... but my always on cue page a day calendar popped up with this one for the weekend. I do agree the happiness is dry socks, but I feel the need to add a few more descriptors ... happiness is new dry hand knit socks. And this Sunday this is the case, I finally finished up a pair of self-striping socks in Caterpillargreen yarns MCN in Spectrum that I started on our way to Rhinebeck (of course I forgot my heel and toe yarn so quickly hit a wall on the project) and the yarn was ordered using my birthday money from my in-laws last May.

I have a major thing for indie-dyed self-striping yarn. I have so little time for knitting things that aren't from my own yarn and have trouble rationalizing the purchase of these treasures. But of course in order to get into this industry I had to love and enjoy others creations for a long time ... so I of course continue to pick things up here and there. I typically focus these on things that I won't be dyeing myself so self-striping merino cashmere is sort of a no brainer. Knitting these was a dream, the yarn was deliciously soft and the colours were excellently designed in a 9 colour spectrum. I will be interested to see how the fibre blend lasts compared to BFL (it is not as hardy) but while they are new, gosh they sure are a dream.

On a separate note, this is a big week that starts tomorrow and figure I should lay out a schedule for the week.

  • Monday: Cyber monday starts at 8am. Shop till you drop!
  • Tuesday: The winter collection colourways are released.
  • Wednesday: The winter collection designs will be released.
  • Thursday: The new base will be released.
  • Friday: My exciting new kits will be release.

And then I will drop when the weekend comes! Talk about a full one and I have a lot to get done before tomorrow morning, so all for now! Enjoy your Sunday regardless of whether it is work or rest, I know my new socks will be have me smiling all day!

PS: Things will be flipping around on the website for the next few days, but I promise when the function needs to be there, it will be.