Social Media, Blogs & Memes

As you get to know me you will discover an important piece of information. In addition to being a yarnie and knitter, I also have a day job. I am a marketing consultant. I work with a number of clients on both print and web marketing, however, I find myself spending an increasing amount of time working with clients with their online presence, website, blog, e-newsletter, social media, integration of POS systems, and the list goes on.

Which brings me to the point of this post. As a marketing consultant I feel that it is overwhelmingly important for my clients to examine their business, their current customer/clients, and where they want to expand when choosing the right forums for spending their time and money in terms of marketing. I think there is nothing worse than a business spending all their time, sending the same piece of information to every different social media platform and website possible. I believe there is an expression about a tree falling in a forest or something along those lines. 

We need to make choices and we need to make sure that we are providing valuable and interesting content to our "listeners/viewers".  So I have made some choices.

My Blog: odds are if you are reading this then you have found my blog in some way. This blog is my business, yes my life will creep onto it and definitely my personality, but at this point, odds are you won't be finding a post about how I took my dog to the groomer. This will be yarn and related interesting pieces. It also won't be a forum for me to complain about the weather or things of the sort. We all have twitter for that right? You will meet other people and voices here. You will likely hear from my sister, Christina of Lone/Maple Studio once a week (if we can figure out her post). I intend to figure out some memes that you can look forward to weekly, but all that will come.

Ravelry: Obvious. If you knit, add me as a friend and see my projects (GBFibreCo) and join the group. Find the yarns, find the patterns. If you aren't a knitter, join Ravelry, pick up some needles, and get on with it.

Facebook: I have two Facebook pages, one that is my personal page and one that is my business page. If we haven't met in real life, please don't request me as a friend on my personal page, I won't add you back. My business page, please follow. However, with the business page, I primarily will use it as a method of pushing out information from other sources. So if you want a one stop shop for Georgian Bay Fibre Co., head there. There is likely not going to be TOO much original content created for the page.

Twitter: Ahh twitter, this is place for conversations and spur of the moment ideas. Though everything posted on the internet lasts forever, twitter is where I converse with my knitters. Its where I may make a snark about the never ending winter or ask a question about what you are all knitting or ask for some ideas on a project or something. Twitter is where I feel safe to have a sense of humour. Join at your own risk, my sense of humour is dry, I warn you.

Instagram: I love instagram. I am sure you have heard almost all bloggers make a statement along those lines. If you follow me on instagram you will see pictures of my knitting WIPs, where I am, my dinner creations, canning, craft beer, wine, my dog, my husband, and my life. Instagram is the closest place to where you will be a part of my personal life. We don't have kids yet, but once we do, there will be knitwear swaddled babies there too. If you are just up for the knitting and that is it, stick to Facebook. If you want to be a part of our lives, we welcome you on instagram.

Pinterest: Okay, we have come to the part of the conversation where I get a bit less opinionated. I haven't used pinterest previously. I have always opted for a service called Pocket (formerly Read it Later) that is like pinterest but not public. I am working on it. I see the great importance to it in this business and right now there isn't much to look at, but going forward I hope to use that forum as a place to show you what inspires me, thats the point right?

Flickr: Photo repository that integrates nicely with instagram, my iPhone, and Ravelry. That is its purpose to me and nothing else.

Vimeo/Youtube: Right now, there is nothing there. If we intent to do tutorials in the future we will be using vimeo. Coming soon...

I promise to do my best not to bombard you with the same stuff over and over. Sometime it will happen, but I promise to ensure I focus of what I believe you will want to here and see, not what I feel like selling on a specific day. This business has just started and the sky is the limit. We have so many ideas and plans and we hope you will join us. You don't have to be near Georgian Bay or have ever been here to be apart.

And I promise, next time, more pictures. We all just read the blog for the pictures right?