Social Media Roundup

There is nothing like looking through your instagram feed on a Friday morning to get a sense of what your week was like, and honestly, this was a weird one. Since my last social media roundup I went for a whirlwind trip to Toronto for DKC Knitters' Frolic. Then I proceeded to have a very odd week. With starting the move today I really and truly have been out of sorts this week. Hopefully resuming a level of "new" normality will result in a better week next week. But until then, check out my week in photos.

I had an interesting studio visit ... I prefer those that purchase yarn.

I decided to try to make a latte out of regular beans, at least they were Muskoka Coffee Maple!

There was a very early morning start for Frolic (5am). Tosh was not impressed.

Tosh was not nearly as good of a model as Samara is. She is working on it.

I decided to feature Rosseau Pumpkin this week.

Loving how cranberry, pumpkin, lichen & granite look together.

Jack decided to help me enjoy the milk foam on my latte.

Had a fun photo shoot on Sunday for a pattern collection coming out on Thursday.

The sun finally came out on Sunday and Tosh and I enjoyed a nice walk.

The post about this colour also revealed the news that Jim and I are moving to Rosseau this weekend.