Have Georgian Bay Experience at Home & Giveaway!

Three colour shawls have become all the rage in the knitting world. This trend hit really hard with Veera Välimäki's Color Affection (often called Colour Infection because of its popularity). I think this comes from the desire for a palette to play with colours. After this shawl pattern became so incredibly popular, other knitwear designers picked up on the cue and began offering what their aesthetic thought of three colour shawls. Again, the trend keeps on rolling because the possibilities are endless and the end result is so incredibly stunning. So honestly, I figured I might as well give it a go as well, and the Tower Hill Shawl was born.

Now there are two issues that arise for a knitter when it comes to the three colour shawls. Number one, what colours to pick. Often there are projects on ravelry that will speak to you, but more often than not, the designer has chosen colours based on depth of shade and tone that work best together. And really, what is worse than spending all that time knitting it to not be completely in love with the end result. Number two, no matter how much extra yarn you have sitting around left over for projects or intended for something else, there is never the perfect amount, colours, fibre blend, weight etc available for you in your stash. This then means that you have to commit to purchasing multiple new skeins for the project, even if you just need 10 grams as the case may be.

Now, as both the shawl designer and yarn dyer I have the ability to solve that problem! I decided to create palettes that I thought would accentuate the design perfectly, and as well, put together kits that would provide you with just the right amount of yarn to complete the project.

As I was putting these palettes together I just knew that I needed to come up with some creative names for them. It occurred to me that what was speaking to me were actually experiences that you have in the Georgian Bay area. What is more perfect than while knitting the shawl to visualize yourself berry picking or out for an afternoon sail on the bay? 

Colour Palettes Available

Museum Visit
Pop by your local museum and learn about the history of the region!
Main Colour: Tower Hill Green Glass
Lace Colour: Tower Hill Vintage Lace
Accent Colour: Tower Hill Wrought Iron

Berry Picking
Take a break from the sun on the dock and head to a local farm to pick berries!
Main Colour: Bala Cranberry
Lace Colour: Carrington Winter Sky
Accent Colour: Big Sound Squall

Fall Drive
Enjoy a fall drive and see the huge rock cuts accented by the bright leaves!
Main Colour: Rosseau Pumpkin
Lace Colour: Kearney Sled Dog
Accent Colour: Zhiishiib Rock Granite

Woodland Walk
Take a walk in the woods and see what plants and animals call it home!
Main Colour: Wakefield Lilac
Lace Colour: Tower Hill Vintage Lace
Accent Colour: Potter's Truffle

Afternoon Sail
Explore the region by water, an afternoon sail on Georgian Bay with knitting in tow!
Main Colour: McKellar Honey
Lace Colour: Natural
Accent Colour: Big Sound Squall

Shoreline Hike
Scramble along the rocky shoreline and see how many colours you can find in the granite.
Main Colour: Redwood Peony
Lace Colour: Kearney Sled Dog
Accent Colour: Zhiishiib Rock Granite

The Giveaway!

So would you like to win a Tower Hill Shawl kit? I will be giving away one kit in the palette of your choice to one lucky commenter. In order to enter you need to leave a comment on the blog by Sunday, June 1st at midnight EST and one winner will be chosen at random at announced on Monday morning in my featured colourway blog post. In your comment let me know what colour palette you would want to win and what your favourite Georgian Bay (or similar region) activity or experience is.