WIP Wednesday: A Fresh Breeze


So it is Wednesday again and time to update on the status of the studio. Though it doesn't feel like much has happened during the past week, we overcame a major obstacle. We have tons of plans of what the place is going to be like and there are stages of development, but the two major things that needed to be addressed before anything else could happen was getting window and door holes cut into the shipping container and painting. I am happy to say that we achieved one of these last weekend with getting holes cut by a great guy Shawn of Church's Welding and Fabricating out of Walker's Point, Muskoka. 

We need to get it levelled, painted, and windows installed this coming weekend. And weather behaving (which it is forecasted to do) all should be fine with that! The steps after that are primarily finish work on the interior. If anyone has any great ideas about acrylic or vinyl signage for the exterior, I am all ears!

Other than being a bit buggy without windows and screens, it is a fresh, breezy, and comfortable in there. I am starting to see how it is going to come together, and I couldn't be more thrilled!


Other than that, I have finished up a project or two around here knitting wise, and have a few cast on. More on that soon! Check back tomorrow for a new pattern release.