Studio Saturday: White and Bright


So I figured rather than always using WIP Wednesdays to update about the studio project, I should start my own little meme called Studio Saturday. I figure this works even after the project is "completed" and I can highlight something new, or inspiring, or pretty. I also can get back to sharing photos of my actual crafting WIPs again on Wednesday.

So this week it rained. For three days straight. Not ideal for working on the container, or the trailer as some neighbours may have called it. But last night we were able to get it painted! 

When considering what I wanted to do for an aesthetic of the container, I finally settled on working with a style that is prevalent among the older buildings and established businesses here in Rosseau, white siding with black trim. Here you can see photos of HillTop Interiors and the Rosseau General Store, an iconic building here in the Village.


So yesterday, we toughed out a pretty unpleasant application of spraying rust oil based paint onto the shipping container. If you are planning something like this, send me an email, I will definitely have some tips of how to go about it, better than we did. However, the end result is fantastic, and some Villagers have already commented on the improvement. The rest of the weekend will be focused on levelling it, putting in the windows, painting the black edging on the exterior, and perhaps getting the inside painted. We will see what our schedule and mother nature decides we can get done. Below, check out some photos of the new white and bright container.