Featured Colourway: Wakefield Lilac

Okay, so before someone tells me about how I have already featured this colourway, don't bother, I know. I just cannot help myself. Here in the Village it is what I like to refer to as lilac week. There is always one week in the late spring that ranges between May 24 weekend and mid-June that the lilacs bloom. It without a doubt, has to be the most intoxicating week of the entire year. We are having that week right now. So, I decided I would feature Wakefield Lilac again and talk about how much I love lilacs. 

Since we have relocated to the Village of Rosseau, I haven't actually gotten to experience the Wakefield Lilac in Parry Sound. But I am happy to report, that here in Rosseau I think almost every property has a sky high lilac bush on it. In particular, at a friends home on Lock Street, there is a huge property long hedge. So perhaps I should be temporarily renaming the colourway Lock Street Lilac. 

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

I think since it is lilac week here that I need to go ahead and cast something on in this colourway and get knitting. Though all the fibres of my being are screaming SWEATER I already have a WIP sweater and really, is not a rational choice with my slowly procrastinated design calendar. However, I think a pair of worsted weight socks might just fit the bill. Inglenook by Adrian Bizilia from Wool People Vol. 4 would be perfect. Which by the way, is a spoiler of something coming in the next month!

Which brings me to the fact that since it is lilac week here in the Georgian Bay Region, all lilac yarns will be $2 off in the shop. But as much as I would love for the lilacs to be in bloom for much longer, their time is limited, and so is the special price, so don't hesitate to placing your order.

So I owe you the results of my giveaway from last Tuesday for a Tower Hill Shawl kit. I was so happy to see how many people entered and shared their favourite Georgian Bay (or similar region) activities and to see which colourway pairings were most loved. I have to say, there was not a single one that stood out, as many people loved all the different palettes. Now, according to the Random Number Generator the winner is Anne-Marie!

As a young girl, I lived in Sudbury, and often we would take a Fall Drive to see the leaves and go for a Woodland Walk. Sometimes in the summer months, we would go Berry Picking, spending countless hours picking blueberries, of course. On special occasions, we would stop in Parry Sound for an Afternoon Sail to see the Thousand Islands and go for a Shoreline Hike.

All your colours are absolutely stunning and remind me of wonderful memories of growing up and of my Father who is no longer with us. Personally, though hard to choose, I would love the Woodland Walk! Congratulations Carla!

So Anne Marie, get in contact with me and a Woodland Walk kit will be heading your way! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I look forward to having many more giveaways in the future!