WIP Wednesday: Changes are Brewing

So, I have been meaning to get going on WIP Wednesday for about two months now, it seems that Lilac Week has finally inspired me to clear out some cobwebs around here.

I don't have too much to report in terms of knitting WIPs. I am in a weird spot where I really need to get some new designs on the needles and going. But mostly, there are a lot of yarn releases happening in the next month so I need to spend some serious time dyeing and photographing. Summer is coming so I better get the new collection ready to go! Instead, I have a major WIP that arrived on Monday and I have been so excited to share it with you all.

For various reasons it made sense for me to relocate my studio to my home in Rosseau. So ... this means that I needed to build said studio. My husband is very much into design and architecture and unique concepts and so on Monday, thanks to the very wonderful people at Adams Bros Construction in Parry Sound I got my very own 20 foot shipping container.

So over the next month we will be working with some very skilled and generous friends at retrofitting this bad boy with primarily reclaimed building materials to create me both a studio to work in and a little store to sell yarn out of for most of the year. We are hoping at some point to winterize it, but that might have to wait until next year.

So its already June which means in Rosseau that we need to get moving on this project. We are planning to cut window and doors holes in it this weekend. I will pop by with an update next week for WIP Wednesday on how it is going. But for now, check out the gallery below with some photos of the delivery and its current state.