Mother Knows Best

I don't know about the rest of you, but my mom is pretty awesome. She is thoughtful, kind, beautiful, and talented. And as mothers go, she was the best I could have ever asked for or dreamed of growing and still is even as I am creeping closer to my thirties. As most mothers do, my mine had a number of expressions and sayings that would come back again and again. The one that keeps coming to my mind is this.

It is so much easier saying no to something, if you are saying yes to something else.

Now this was originally intended about things like saving money. Yes those impractical heels are nice, but that winter coat you wanted is likely more important. And isn't it so much easier saying no about the heels when you know it is getting you closer to that winter coat. It can be played over as an adult about a vacation versus a house, and so on. But this expression has some other implications for me right now. 

For those that know me well know that I am the kind of person that wants to be able to do absolutely everything. I will stretch myself so thin that I am about to break. It makes for an exciting ride at times, but sometimes can result in disaster. This past week I found myself very close to the edge and it made me realize that I have to let a few things go.

The first major frustration was surrounding the fact that I discovered that one of my suppliers is no longer carrying lace weight yarn in BFL fibre. No notice and no one last order. Just gone. Finding BFL lace is not exactly easy. I was tempted to react and just get it back. It costs 3 times the price plus expensive taxes, duty, and import tax? Sure no problem. Oh you'll custom spin it for me? Great 50 lbs minimum ... hmmm, wait thats 200 skeins? Then I sat and thought about it a bit. Since I started this business I have sold TWO skeins of lace weight yarn. Both of which in the last two weeks.

]This is where my mother's wisdom came in. Why am I looking at overextending to get something that no one is buying. Wouldn't I rather extend my Kilcoursie and Pengallie lines? How about some other blends like incorporating alpaca or cashmere? Will I still be looking for lace weight yarn? Yes. But I won't be compromising other plans to get it in when I will sit and stare at it not selling. So the store has been configured to show what I still have in stock, all of which is dyed and ready to ship. So if you have been considering, the time is now.

The second concession comes hot on the heels of my blog post from last Sunday about my knitting mojo drying up in the summer. I was hoping to release a pattern every other week. Always. Between my lack of knitting, the effort of getting testers on track, tech editing, photographing, etc it is just too much with everything else right now. So I will be cutting back to every three weeks or once a month. I've decided that focusing on the studio is far more important for summer. This means that if you come to Muskoka you will be able to drop by and pet the pretties, see the colourways in person and pick up what you are looking for. I am planning to have three skeins of everything in stock at all times. So other than SQ or something that someone else has bought that day, it means that yarns can ship same day!

So as my mother said, saying no to something is easier if you are saying yes to something else. Which is true, and this summer is going to be in effect around here at Georgian Bay Fibre Co. Thanks Mum for equipping me with the necessary skill to know what is important and what is not.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a WIP post about the studio and Thursday for a new sock pattern.

A photo of my big sister, my Mum, and me. I hope this post didn't make you blush too much.

A photo of my big sister, my Mum, and me. I hope this post didn't make you blush too much.