WIP Wednesday - Sweater Revelations

So after my confession regarding my lack of blogging mojo I have decided to SLOWLY work myself back into it, and honestly, what is a simpler way than a WIP Wednesday post.

The thing with designing is often it looks like I am knitting absolutely nothing (and perhaps that can be the case some days)  but often things don't feel ready to be shared and sometimes they actually cannot.

But what I can say is I have totally caught the sweater bug again, honestly, is it fall yet? Because all I want to do is knit all the sweaters and snuggle myself in my entire sweater stash at all times (thank goodness we have air conditioning). 

I have discovered two major things about myself and my hand knit sweaters. First of all, I won't knit a fingering weight sweater, honestly, I just won't get myself going on them (though Hennessy Fingering might be an exception to that) and I wear my pullovers all the time and my cardigans not so much. This epiphany resulted in my frogging my fingering weight button up cardigan that was sitting there unknit. 

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood.

Instead I decided to cast on a sweater that I have been dying to knit for ages, Oshima by Jared Flood.

Not only do I seem to adore Jared's design aesthetic and natural tones, his sweaters are always well designed with unique features and contractions and patterns are impeccable to work from.

What is really neat about this pattern is that instead of being worked with worsted weight yarn it is designed to be worked with fingering weight doubled. When this pattern was released last fall it was the talk of the ravelry boards about how to choose the pairing of yarns. Some people chose different colourways together, others just two strands of the same, some a different base and a different colourway.

When I was contemplating my Oshima, I was torn about which way to go. But with my revelation about fingering weight sweaters I realized I had a good volume of Pengallie Fingering in Kearney Sled Dog that was sitting in my stash (it was first destined to be a Stria and then a Custom Fit cardigan). So I decided to pair a single strand of that yarn with a single strand of Hennessy Fingering in the same colourway.

As you can see from the photos above, if any two bases take a colourway differently it is definitely the Hennessy Fingering and Pengallie Fingering. The difference of the untreated BFL and the superwash and silk blend is quite significant. I knew this meant I would get some interesting tonal play between the two strands. What I didn't expect was the absolutely brilliant fabric that these two yarns create when held together at a loose gauge. It is lofty and soft and silky and has a beautiful halo. Of course this shouldn't have come as a big surprise because when thinking about the difference in the spin of these two yarns they would absolutely create a unique fabric.

You can see how the two strands are playing together. Of course at this gauge and the different nature of the two yarns a wash and a block is going to be imperative to get all the stitches looking their best.

I am just partway through the first sleeve and I can say that I am so looking forward to having this sweater done! Hopefully there will be some serious progress by next Wednesday to report.