Grondine Swell aka the Seagull Colour

So maybe I wasn't as clever as I originally thought, posting a teaser of the photo inspirations without the colourway names yesterday. By not giving people words with which to refer to the colours, they were forced to use the most obvious choices, in the case of this colourway, the seagull one. But I promise, that it has a true name, and I am here releasing it first, to ensure that it doesn't remain with that name for ever. So I present, Grondine Swell. The first of six instalments of the Shades of the Bay Collection.

Grondine Swell

This colourway is reminiscent of your favourite blue jeans,
dark and comfortable which complexity playing
between grey, blue and black.

Point Grondine, located on the north shore of Georgian Bay, is a prominent destination between the French River and Killarney Provincial Parks. With strong winds, unpredictable currents and hidden shoals, it can make kayaking a challenge. However, anyone who passes this point is rewarded with gorgeous sights. This grey-blue colourway echoes the churning, swells that beat endlessly against the shores of Point Grondine.