Back to Reality ... Fall is Here

So here in Rosseau, summer is just so over. I was quite incredible to walk around what seemed like a ghost town yesterday. The businesses were closed, the visitors were gone and summer had clearly left the Village (other than the painful heat, humidity, and thunderstorm). Mother Nature may say we have a few weeks of summer left, but the population knows that school is back today and the cottage is already a very distant memory (approximately 250 km up Highway 400 or 11).

But don't despair, fall is awesome. The very best part of summer ending is that it means that fall is coming, and really for knitters, is there a better season? Toasty knits on crisp sunny afternoons, fingerless mitts wrapped around lattes, wool socks stuffed into boots. In a knitters calendar, fall really is our summer vacation, fairs, shows, the whole shebang. So don't fret the arrival of September 2nd, celebrate it! And celebrate we will with the launch of the fall collection.

Fall can be pretty literal; orange, red, and yellow. But take a look around and there is so much more at play. This year I decided to focus on a different aspect of fall foliage, a leaf, a cone, and a berry. I hope you love these colours as much as I do. 

Stay tuned, I will be back this week with more details on each colourway and information about a fun knit-a-long we will be having over on ravelry, celebrating fall in Cottage Country. The colours will be live in the shop at 8:30 this morning.

Watt Nannyberry

Monck Fir Cone


Cardwell OakLeaf