Happy 2015 ... A Few Days Late

We are now fully back in the swing of things around here, last week was a slow ramp up to getting back to work, with having been working up to the 24th I simply couldn't hit the ground running on the morning of the 28th. But between the quick arrival (and departure) of Christmas and New Years arriving while I was fast asleep I am left with a bit of holiday let down. Yesterday, I took down the tree and packed up all the decorations so I could start this morning fresh, but things are looking a bit sparse around here. I then proceeded to spend way too much time on pinterest looking for January decoration ideas because we need some snowflakes in here STAT. 

After a green Christmas, mother nature got the memo and started decorating on New Years Eve and has been at it for the better part of the week. But today is our first real winter day, it is minus 20 and the sun is shining and the sky is a glorious blue reflected on the snow. It is the kind of day that inspired me to dye Carrington Winter Sky, the very softest blue with white and soft creams shining through. Like the sky, snow, and sun on a day like today. 

2015 is going to be a huge year, 2014 was incredibly and significant, but I assure you nothing compared to what 2015 has in store for us here at Georgian Bay Fibre Co. and for my little family. I will keep you posted as things present themselves, but it is looking like it is going to be a wonderful ride. 

A bit of business for the moment. 

1. Winter Doldrums Kits in Kilcoursie Aran - As mentioned on the website these are backordered until the end of the month, this is a yarn made specifically for me and there was no way for me to get it remade and restocked by the mill over the holidays. Once arrived, I will give everyone a better shipping estimate and orders will be filled in the order that they arrived.

2. Pattern sales to the EU - At this point they no longer exist. It is enough for me to stay on top of my Canadian sales tax, but to collect and remit individually to each EU country is far too much for anyone to expect a small start up to contend with. I have and will continue to explore the option of Love Knitting, but at this point the system is backed up with the influx with the new regulations. Please do email me if you are looking for a pattern from the EU, there may be a few different ways to work around.