My Ongoing Quest for Minimalism

Kids, husbands, and knitters come with a lot of stuff. I know they warn you about how shocked you will be by the amount of possessions this tiny little life creates but nothing can really and truly prepare you for it. Add that to a husband who collects magazines, a knitter, and a couple that loves wine glasses, coffee mugs and good cooking equipment and you find yourself in my house. There is an expression that goes something like, "work expands to the time available for it" and while I completely agree with that I think there is another one along the lines of "stuff expands to the space available to it." 

Growing up our family moved regularly, every four years on average. In my adult life since university I have moved every single year in the spring since 2009. This has developed a keen awareness of my physical accumulations and a distaste of being weighed down by possessions. Since Henry arrived almost two months ago in the moments of quiet I feel more like myself than I have in a year and find myself pained by the piles, filled cupboards, and bins in storage. This is not only in our home but also in the studio. I am literally feeling drowned by my possessions.

Enter pinterest. Two blog posts have made a huge impact on me recently, one about simplifying and organizing a home and the second focused on wardrobe.  This has brought me to a burning desire to simplify things in my life and pare down my possessions both at home and at work. Over the next few months you will see a few results of this and some will just be posts about my ongoing quest for simplicity, others about how I am culling my wardrobe including unworn knitwear, and others regarding plans for lightening the load around the studio (can you say Black Friday?). 

Stay tuned, I promise it will be fun.

PS: This post is so minimal a photo seemed like it would be too much. Honesty? I just didn't have one.