Evolve or Perish

I’m not certain if I have ever publicly shared the story of what created this business, the exact evening that it came to be or where I was coming from when I made a decision to start, but I think it is important to start this post with the story.

In December of 2013 I was sitting on the edge of a precipice. I was recently married and I had left my comfortable marketing manager position back in October after working with the organization since 2006 (the reasons are not relevant but it wasn’t something that was planned for). I was scraping by taking on odd marketing jobs and clients and trying to sell websites in an over saturated market in a small town. One evening, before heading off to work for the night my husband suggested that we needed to create another business, something to take us through the lean times of my marketing work and his night shifts at the hospital and something to motivate and inspire us. He had an idea relevant to his sleep technician field but it wasn’t something that I was inspired by. So as he was heading out to work I sat in my living room, looked out the window and watched the snow fall onto Georgian Bay. And it came to me. I wanted to create yarn colours that painted beautiful pictures the way that the Group of Seven did with paint or novelists do with words or so many others that have been inspired by this incredible place that I call home. And that was that, the idea was born.

Since that night things have evolved and unfortunately I have lost sight of that night and that vision two years ago. And I feel it. I feel the lack genuine inspiration when I am forcing myself to come up with a seasonal collection or to push something new to compete in an oversaturated market. Sometimes I feel as though I am standing in a crowded room and screaming for attention.

But that isn’t me. As an artist and a business I want to be able to whisper. I want to draw people in with the understated beauty that has called so many to our rocks and trees and water for so many years. I want to refocus things on what they were intended to be and what I believe will make things successful. Its been two years and it is time to examine and move forward otherwise its time to hang up my hat.

I feel the weight. I feel the thousand skeins of dyed yarn in my inventory on me and recently it has felt like a noose. I need to lighten the load and begin again.

So that is what I am going to do. For the remainder of the month my entire instock inventory will be 50% off. Then I will be closing for December and January to refocus and relaunch things where I wanted them to be with a better set of goals, a new business plan, and a focus on the beauty whispers like the wind on the bay. We are absolutely not going out of business and we will be back and dyeing yarn with a new focus in the new year. But if there is something you are wanting, I recommend picking it up while you can, because it may not be something that continues to exist going forward.

So friends, stay tuned because as they like to say, the best has yet to come.