Visit the Sugar Shack

Though the calendar and mother nature may not be agreeing quite yet, spring is just around the corner and my gosh can I feel. I have this new found lightness and enthusiasm that I had been missing for the past few months. The days are longer and brighter, the temperatures are climbing, and the air just seems sweeter.

Now with that in mind, the air isn't the only thing sweeter with spring approaching, before long it will be the sweetest time of year around these parts, sugar shack season! This year for the spring collection we thought we would highlight this unique cultural activity here around Georgian Bay. Whether you are a big time syrup producer, you have a few trees tapped in your yard or just heading to a community pancake breakfast, sugar season touches us all around here. So put on your boots and knitted hat and head and enjoy maple season.

The colours that are part of the collection feature four prominent parts of syrup season, the tree bark, the softening snow, some warm mulled wine while boiling the sap, and of course the syrup itself. This collection features four syrup producers in the region from small to large, Brookland's Farm, Sugar Bush Farm, Bradley Maple Syrup, and the Macfie family producers.

So stay tuned, we have a small accessory collection coming out in the next week or so featuring items perfect for this time of year.