So it has been a while. A really big long while. I could wax on about feeling sorry about being so far and neglectful of this blog for the winter, but quite frankly that just wouldn’t be honest. I needed the time and space and honestly I am glad I took it because coming back feels so much better than it might have if I had decided to force myself to blog every other day. When every fibre of my being was just screaming about how much I just needed a break and some space. So, I will begin with the headlines and go on from there.

This winter has been really strange and different for me, and so much change initiated that is slowly working its way through. The coles notes … we’ve been busy building the business, building a house and building our family too.

Building the Business

The beginning of March silently sneaked into our house and the one year anniversary of Georgian Bay Fibre Co. did too. I had plans for a one year anniversary sale, but honestly, with what has been up for the past few weeks, it just wouldn’t have been manageable with the launch of the spring collection happening at the same time as well. But this winter has been finding a groove, following the launch of my design in Knitty back in early December and the influx of orders I have figured out how to hit my stride with a more intense dyeing volume. This has also meant that I have felt comfortable taking on some new wholesale customers so the yarn is slowly getting all over the place. So spring is clearly about to arrive around here and this means a big boom for things around here, the beginning of show season starts in late April with Creativ Festival and will keep rolling until the end of the fall. Year two of business is all about growth around here and we are looking forward to sending more and more yarn out into the world.

Building a House

This is about what our house looks like right now ... those big boxes from the mill sure did come in handy for the move!

This is about what our house looks like right now ... those big boxes from the mill sure did come in handy for the move!

Just as we were getting comfortable in our home and working in the winter studio, things changed dramatically for us, we found out we had to move. We were living in a very unique situation that we were living at and running a bed and breakfast for owners that were living out east. However, as things happen, they decided that owning from a distance just wasn’t working so they decided to sell. We originally thought we had until the end of the summer to get moved but things changed in February and we found out that we had to be out today, March 17th. Needless to say, things have been a bit intense for the past month. We are living in McDougall (just 5 minutes out of Parry Sound) and a matter of two weeks ago our home was concrete floors and drywall. Granted, we are currently living in an absolute disaster off mess and construction zone, we have paint and floors and are sleeping in our bedroom (regardless of whether it has a door or not). Now its just waiting on some trades to get in and finish up the plumbing and electrical and some time for us to get everything trimmed out, fussed and unpacked.

Building a Family

Now this has been the biggest change of all for us (well definitely for me). We are expecting our first child on August 24th (well I suppose when they decide to arrive). Between the isolation in Rosseau, the terrible winter weather and lack of daylight, and first trimester misery, January was dreadful. I have slowly been pulling myself out of my funk and with the arrival of my second trimester a month or so ago, I have been getting my life back on track. Honestly, as I started to feel better life spiralled completely out of control with our move. I think this has accounted for the majority of my absence from the blog and ravelry boards. I spent my winter experiencing something so overwhelming and so profound within my life, but clearly wasn’t something that I was prepared to share with the world. Everything that was going on was so intertwined with being pregnant that it felt like sharing was going to feel insincere, so I guess instead I chose to just avoid all together.

But the time has come to share all this change and move forward with everything that we have planned for the next while!