Getting Ready for Creativ Festival

So as hard as it is to believe, Creativ Festival has snuck right up and is staring me down this weekend. After confessing to my few days of enjoying the sun, family, and baby news, I got punished big time getting everything done this past weekend and now this week. But I am happy to report that I am into the home stretch, I finished the last of the dyeing yesterday and just have a bit of tagging to do today. That means it is arts and crafts time getting the stage set.

Last fall at KW Knitters Fair I only went for a single 10 by 10 booth, and honestly, it was way to cramped. I had to promise to my volunteers (aka mom and sister) that I would invest in a double in the future to keep them coming willingly. So this time, we are trying something new! No, a double booth doesn't mean double yarn, it just means that there will be way more space and be way more shopable. Plus, it means we can spend a bit more time, energy, and space working on transforming the booth so you feel like you have stepped into a cottage up in our neck of the woods. It is still a work in progress but hopefully you will like all the little arts and crafts I have gotten into.

Another significant addition (other than my bump) is that my husband, Jim, will be joining us. Promise to be nice to him and not grill him too hard on the yarn related questions. This will be his first show, but we need to get his feet wet before KW this fall, which I plan to attend with a 3 week old (assuming he shows up as scheduled - ha ha). 

As well, I had some issues with supply at the mill getting ready for the show, so unfortunately I wasn't able to bring all the full quantities as hoped. But do not despair, for the days of the show you can custom order anything you like in person. Eight skeins or more will ship entirely for free and less than eight for a flat rate of $7. Orders will be filled in order they are received and based on inventory availability (Hennessy Fingering and Aran are backordered) and will ship within 4-6 weeks (hopefully sooner). Also, I will be bringing all the discontinued products, so they will be disappearing off the website this morning and will be updated again on Monday based on availability.

In the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes photos of getting ready for the show.