May Day

May is officially here, and according to weather forecast, Mother Nature actually got the memo. We made it through last weekend at Creativ Festival. Up to this point I have been relatively unscathed by pregnancy and been able to ignore my new reality, but by Saturday night I was so tired, I just wanted to cry. Thankfully I brought my volunteer troops with me (husband, mother, sister) and they made sure everything made it back north, thank you all for your help. It has taken me a full week to wind myself back up and get around to showing you a few photos from this past weekend. Thank you to Jim for actually taking them!

The best thing about this show was the wealth of information we gained from it! The next day debriefing lunch at Wellingtons (a Parry Sound favourite) gave us a super long list spanning from booth design and layout, kits to bring, other notions and accessories to sell, and everything in between. I am seriously excited about markets this summer and KW Knitters Fair this September.

I didn't make it through the weekend without a teeny bit of shopping. In the last 45 minutes I went for a walk and stumbled upon the perfect quilting kit for my little late summer arrival. Before I was dyeing yarn I was knitting, and before I was knitting, I was quilting ... big time! But for some reason I haven't had to mojo to pull out the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire out in a year or two. But the arrival of this baby had me worried ... he wasn't going to have a quilt made by me! I had this image of a two year old boy crying to me about why everyone else he knows has a quilt I made and he doesn't. Oh I know, pregnancy hormones.

But when I stumbled upon this one, it was way too perfect for our little boy. His paternal grandfather has a tractor collection and maternal grandmother runs a John Deere while landscaping her backyard and both grandfathers grew up on working (somewhat hobby in one case) farms. So to assume this little guy will be into farm animals and machinery, not too far of a stretch. Here Christina and I are planning out and matching coordinating yarn colours for it. The palette has shifted and been finalized since being home. But I am so thrilled to have finally settled on something and start nesting a bit.

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will, Sunday boasts my last birthday before becoming a mother and the weather forecast is to die for!

What do you have planned this weekend?