Summer Drinks

Summer appears to arrived here regardless of what the weather forecast and the calendar says. Here in cottage country our lives have hit a different pace, you can feel the frenzy on Friday afternoons, you shift your schedule to grocery shop on Tuesday mornings, and you can't help but waste a few hours daily soaking in the rays by the bay.

With summer comes the inevitable patio sitting, cottage parties, and beach lounging. In all of these scenarios a local craft brew, a glass of sangria, or a summer cocktail is usually part of it. Except for those of us that are 7 months pregnant and abstaining this season. So thankfully Pinterest exists and I haven't been feeling too sad because there are an unending supply of non-alcoholic summer drinks that are refreshing and usually more nutritious than their LCBO backed companions. Here are a few that I have tried or are on my to make list. Click the images to head to the original links to try out the recipe!