Plan for the Rest of the Summer

With the arrival of Monday came the milestone of 33 weeks of pregnancy, meaning only 7 weeks to go until my due date. With a bit of an early scare last weekend, it made me realize I needed to concoct my plan for how we are going to make it through the next few months and share it with you all.

Here at Georgian Bay Fibre Co. we are in a unique situation at this time that I am currently the only person able to dye yarn. Yes, my husband is happy to give me a hand on his days off work in the studio and my mother is always good company for shows, but in terms of the actual production and shipment of goods, its only this mama to be. Being a year and a half into business means that this is our current reality, but yes, I do intend to teach Jim to dye yarn, it just hasn’t happened yet.

So in this case, the only person able to create the yarn is the person responsible for birthing this baby, though if possible, I would happily pass off that responsibility to Daddy, but modern science hasn’t come quite so far yet.

My due date is August 24th. We may have an earlier arrival, but we may not. Babies arrive when they would like, not what works for you. As well, we will be at KW Knitter’s Fair on September 12th. Ideally, baby and I will be there too, but if things go awry, my family will bring the yarn and I will stay home with our new family member.

So assuming I have this baby sometime in the 20’s of August (or later), here is the plan! The online shop will be closed as of Monday, August 17th and orders will be shipped before the arrival (hopefully). If you want to guarantee your yarn, order earlier in the month. The shop will be reopened Tuesday, September 15th, with the launch of the fall collection. Those that choose to attend KW Knitter’s Fair will get a preview of the fall collection, as it will be available that day. Yes, this is close to a month with the shop closed, but we want to make sure we have time to fill all orders before we drop off the radar and have plenty of amazing yarn for you at KW.

We will of course share the exciting news on the blog and social media, but orders will not be accepted after that date. As a first time mom, the concept of piles of work loading into the store in my first few days with baby at home (or even still in the hospital) is slightly overwhelming.

Regarding my attendance at the Tuesday Market here in Parry Sound? I will be there until the baby arrives and be back as soon as I am able afterwards (likely missing only one week). If you are driving in from far just to see us, make sure to check our facebook page to see if there is an announcement that we won’t be able to attend. The last market that you will be able to place custom orders at will be Tuesday, August 18th.

If the baby arrives earlier than expected? Well then there will be a new plan and we will get back to you with it asap and will be dyeing orders before KW. Odds are, it will just be a longer production time than usual.

Hopefully this will give you the information that you need to plan your fall knitting! 

Though it was a very rainy day we made it to the Tuesday Market this week. Thanks to those that braved the rain to stop by!

Though it was a very rainy day we made it to the Tuesday Market this week. Thanks to those that braved the rain to stop by!