Little Fox Friends

So technically my self imposed maternity leave started yesterday, less than one week before our little guy is due. The reality is, we will be working as much as we can through the period, I still have a few orders to get dyed and out and a whole lot to get done before KW Knitters Fair.

The reality is though, that I am taking it a bit easier than usual, and this weeks heat wave has me knocked off my feet (thus why the outstanding orders weren't done in advance of today, waiting for some cool temperatures). So I have been taking some time to work on some fun little knitting projects to pass the time and two that I finished up, I wanted to share.

Originally we didn't really have a nursery theme. But slowly after our shower last month I found myself attracted to all things fox related. The fact that they worked very commonly with my typical grey and white aesthetic with pops of red and orange was just bonus. So I have gone with it. I came across a pattern I liked and it wasn't available so I decided to mod it work with a few different components.

Pattern: Gramps by tincanknits
Inspiration: Friedrich by Sarah Hatton
Fox Chart: Fox Love Jacket by Julia Farwell-Clay
Needles: US6 & US7
Yarn: Bayfield Aran in Grondine Swell, Vintage Lace, Rosseau Pumpkin & RMS Coal (all leftovers)
Mods: Removed pockets from original gramps design and applied in colours and patterns in the style of Friedrich and used the fox chart from Fox Love Jacket.

Once I got the sweater done and squeed for about 15 minutes, I decided that there was enough yarn left to knit a hat out of. But I had been working with aran weight so adjusted Bumble to work with my remaining yarn.

Pattern: Bumble by tincanknits
Incorporates: Barley by tincanknits
Needles: US6 & US10.75
Yarn: Bayfield Aran in Grondine Swell, Vintage Lace, Rosseau Pumpkin & RMS Coal (all leftovers)
Mods: Used sizing from Barley to adjust gauge for worsted weight yarn.

I am not sure if my obsession with this set is done yet, I think a pair of Rocky Joggers in Coal & Vintage Lace and a pair of Rosseau Pumpkin booties might be required. But until I decide I have been working on the Fox Love Jacket for me for fall. This little guy and I will be decked out in our Fall Fox Finery!