One last chance to order

Yesterday I explained why the permanent collection has been pared down to a core collection of colourways on a limited number of bases. You can order these at any time and can feel comfortable that when the project presents itself, these options will be there for you. Constant, predictable, and dependable. Its a really important part of customer service. Head to and order these yarns when it suits you.

But, honestly, that is a bit dull isn’t it? It is nice to know that there will be things for you when you want, but I think that a little bit of excitement is necessary. This is where the etsy site comes into play. There will be drops. Yes, limited quantities, one of a kind, unique kits, different colourways, and different bases. This is where your long lost colourway or McCoy base will come into play. At times, we will offer you the opportunity to order these in limited quantities and for limited periods of time. It means that there will be something different and exciting and we don’t have to carry these at all times. It is the best of both worlds. 

These drops will be announced on Facebook, instagram, Ravelry, here on the blog, and via email (are you signed up?). I will announce one week out, the day before, and a reminder the day of. We will try different days of the week and different times of day, but in general these will be pre-orders in limited quantities and will last for 24 hours or until sold out. You will find these on our etsy site. It might be retired bases, retired colourways, new bases, new colourways, unique mini-skein kits, gradient kits, you name it, we are going to give it a try. It is a great way to try new things without being committed to forever. In general, we are going to try to offer these once or twice a month and production timeline will be about 3-4 weeks (depending on mill supply). 

So, with this, it makes sense to offer our first one. Next Friday at 1PM eastern we will be offering a special pre-order drop called “If I had known, I would have ordered…” featuring one last shot to order discontinued colours and unavailable yarn bases. We will open it up to 25 skeins in all of the current and former bases and you pick the colourway!

Plus - if you hadn’t noticed we LOWERED prices … all yarn is $22 per skein (previously $24+) and we are offering flat rate shipping - $10 in Canada, $18 every where else, plus free shipping over $150 in Canada.

So start your project planning!