Who is the april fool?

It is hard to believe but yesterday my baby turned 7 months old. It is almost unbelievable how big he is and how much of a little person of his own he has become. Life with a child has been nothing what I expected at all. In some ways it is much more difficult and frustrating than I expected but so much more rewarding and fulfilling than I could have ever expected.

But it is hard, and it is incredibly hard to find a balance between being a mother and running a business. I had commented that I feel as though I can only do one well at a time - either being a great mom or being a motivated and successful business owner. To the women that can balance both perfectly, I tip my hat to you.

Now don’t despair, this is not my way of telling you we are shutting down (in reflection if does sound a bit like that) it is my way of saying that Henry will be starting daycare this month. As much as it breaks my heart that he will be with someone else, it is relieving to know that for two days a week I can work like crazy and focus only on the business - and actually get a blog post out or two.

Time and focus hasn’t been my only issue, over the past year I have been dealing with a huge issue with mill supply. Unfortunately when I can’t get the wool to dye, I can’t fill your orders or do fun etsy updates. It has been a huge shadow hanging over me and causing me to question all my ideas and change my plans at all times. But hopefully that has all changed as I am trying a new strategy. Sometime this week I have a huge amount of yarn heading towards me, and will plan to order in larger quantities, less frequently, focusing on carrying a larger undyed inventory than I have previously.

So this is all to say, the April Fools joke was on me - no I won’t have a one of a kind update ready for this Friday as I had no wool. But my plan is for the next Friday, but I will keep you posted!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! We had a great time visiting with family and enjoying the weather!