Studio & Contact

Thank you for reaching out. If you would like to reach us by email you can do so at or by phone at 705-805-6845.

Our studio is located at 1375 Regent Street in Sudbury, Ontario.

We are not currently offering studio visits. We will revisit this in February 2021 based on the current public health recommendations and Covid levels in Ontario.

Due to Covid, only one person will be allowed in the studio at a time. Masks and hand sanitizing is required. Cash is not accepted.

FAQ - Please read before emailing

Pricing is in CAD (Canadian Dollar) but the site automatically converts to some of the most common currencies.

We offer shipping worldwide. Pricing varies greatly depending on the size of your order. To find out, place the items you want in the cart, and go to the checkout. Once you've added your location, it will calculate the shipping cost.
We ship using Canada Post Air, Surface, Tracked, Expedited (Canada & USA) and Xpresspost and you can choose when you order which you'd prefer. Tracking isn't available on Air or Surface, but we've found it to be very reliable. Surface shipping is much cheaper and has a lower environmental impact, but keep in mind it will take (much) longer. Tracking is only available on Expedited, Tracked, or Xpresspost. If you selected Small Packet Air or Surface, you will not have tracking, and we will not be able to give updates.

Surface & Small Packet Air
Please select Surface International or Small Packet Air only if you are ok with your package taking up to 8-12 weeks to arrive. Surface International and Air Small Packet do not have tracking, so if you're uncomfortable with not being able to track your order, please do not select these options. Tracked, Expedited and Xpresspost are much faster and do have tracking.

Lost or Late Packages
On occasion packages can take a bit longer than expected, but it's extremely rare for them to go actually missing. If it's been longer than you expected, just hold tight, it'll probably show up soon.
If it's been more than ten weeks, you have a tracking number, and you still haven't seen it, call Canada Post or your local postal system, and have your tracking number ready. It's not uncommon for international shipments sent surface to take as long as 8-12 weeks to arrive.
If you did not receive a tracking number, that means there wasn't tracking available for your package and there's nothing we can do from our end but wait, so sit tight, it will come eventually.
If mail is undeliverable (not picked up from the post office, wrong address etc), it just comes back to us and we'll let you know if it's arrived back here. The best thing you can do is actually to get in touch with your country's public postal system, or post office. The most common issue is an incorrect address, and the local post office can't find you. Sometimes, customers are able to intercept their package by calling, and offering their correct mailing address.

Possible Bleeding
I'm combining some high-contrast colours in my project. How can I prevent the chance of bleeding?
While we follow a rigid process to fully set the dye high-contrast colour combinations can sometimes run a little if you're not careful. If you are planning some high contrast combos, first soak each colour separately overnight and rinse thoroughly before hanging to dry. After completing the project, soak and rinse thoroughly again before blocking. Colours to be wary of bleeding from include Squall, Mallard and any reds.